Abstract Submission

Important Dates

                                      Start: 1st July, 2019

                                      Deadline: 15th November, 2019

                                      Acceptance of abstract: 30th November, 2019

How to Submit

                                      E-mail your Abstract to  aps2020abstracts@gmail.com

Guidelines for Preparation of Abstract

These guidelines are provided for general information, but are not intended to be prescriptive.  As the abstracts will be published and may be cited, they should summarize your work so that your study can be understood without additional information.

  • The abstract submission process will require you to provide institutional affiliation of presenting and any co-authors. You will also need to supply 4 keywords to help with indexing your abstract and which will be used to assign your presentation to appropriate reviewers and sessions at the Congress. Please use words that best reflect your subject area or species beyond those already in your title.

  • When you sign-up with the online submission system you will receive an automated email that will contain your login details for the online submission system together with an attached MS Word (.doc) abstract template document which, when completed by you, will form part of your abstract submission.

  • The maximum word count is 250 words. Please check your word count before submitting your abstract.

  • The abstract must be written using 10pt Time Roman letter.

  • Write the abstract as a single block paragraph in the appropriate space provided on the abstract template.

  • Use metric units of measurement, standard abbreviations and statistical symbols. Capitalize statistics (e.g. P < 0.05), but do not italicize.

  • The first sentences of the abstract should indicate the theoretical rationale or practical aims of the work. Hypotheses, objectives, research questions, or research problems should be stated clearly. If you provide methods, these should be outlined briefly with sample sizes, study duration, housing conditions and any special procedures used. Results should include explicit statements of outcomes relevant to your objectives, but note that reporting statistical tests is not necessary. Finally, any conclusions or critique should follow, whether theoretical or applied. Acknowledgement of funding sources may be included if space allows.

  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully and define all acronyms and non-standard abbreviations.

  • All abstracts of captive studies must comply with the ethical guidelines by the institutional/governmental animal care committees, and this compliance must be indicated in the relevant tick-box.

  • You may be required to modify your abstract according to reviewer comments before final acceptance.

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